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Thanks for stopping by Adam Samson's official homepage!  I designed the Web site to highlight some of my work and share a few of my interests. 

Professionally, I'm a reporter and editor with the FOX Business Network.  I focus on stocks, commodities and economics, though, I've written on a slew of other subjects as well.  Feel free to check out the writing section if you want to see my latest articles.  

I'm particularly passionate about food and traveling and very much enjoy taking photos of places I've been and dishes that were particularly memorable.  I've posted a bunch in the photography section, and try to keep it updated with my favorites. 

I founded and ran a Web design company while I was in High School and College, so I very much enjoy experimenting with new Web standards and programs.  This site serves as a sandbox to play with new ideas.  In fact, I'm working on a few more features for the site, specifically, a place to save some recipes and a virtual resume. 

Stay tuned! 


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